International know-how for Thai companies

February 19, 2013 in generally

International knowhow for Thai-companies

Thai corporations that venture into western markets in order to sell their products and services abroad must be aware of the intrinsic features of those markets. Soft skills play a mature role to be successful in these ventures.

Local seminars for expatriates

February 18, 2013 in generally

There are a large number of expatriates from all over the world in Thailand, all of whom must continuously develop and strengthen their skills and know how in order to stay on top of the game. Economies are dynamic and offer in particular new innovations in the area of soft skills. Sound of Knowledge prepares for those challenges expatriates face in a competitive environment such as Thailand.

With Sound of Knowledge companies are able to avoid expensive journeys abroad and offer in-house seminars for a fracture of the price.

Location for seminars at Lampl-Business Center in Bangkok

February 17, 2013 in generally

The Lampl-Business Center is located in the heart of Bangkok – on the 42nd floor of the Exchange-Tower 388 Sukhumvit Road, right next to the BTS-Station Asoke. This is where Sound of Knowledge is headquartered and from where we offer our services to clients in South East Asia.

Sound of Knowledge offers in-house seminars, which will be conducted at the premises of the firm or in other selected places if desired, such as hotels. Alternatively these seminars can also be held at the premises of the Lampl-Business Center.

We also offer open seminars. These will be conducted either at hotels or the Lampl-Business Center.

Seminars in Austria

February 17, 2013 in generally

The soft skills seminars are generally conducted within Thailand. However, if a client may wish so, we are pleased to arrange seminars in Europe as well – e.g. in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom or any other place desired by the client. This is applicable to firm-seminars.

Of course we also offer open seminars in Austria as we do in Thailand. Please don’t hesitate to enquire about our upcoming seminars.

The Austrian roots of Sound of Knowledge

February 17, 2013 in generally

Austria is situated in the heart of Europe and has ever since a long tradition in endorsing international trade and a multicultural society. At times of the Austrian Empire the country was that big that it was said that the sun would never set in the whole of the Austrian Empire. In this land, people of many different ethnicities and cultures, speaking different languages lived together as one unit and traded with one another across several time zones.

And even though the Austro-Hungarian empire seized to exist almost 100 years ago, Austrians still embrace their cross-cultural and global thinking. This is reflected in today’s success of Austrias export business.

Moreover, Austria is a country of academic excellence. Universities have a great tradition and 33 Nobel price winners were born in Austria. The country also has a great cultural history. Musical grandeurs such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Josef Haydn or Johann Strauss are just a few we mention here. Another one is the musical film “Sound of Music” which shaped the image of Austria around the globe. It is the magic and the global reach of this film “Sound of Knowledge” wants to bring to Thailand.

Isak Consulting has been a consistent part of the Austrian education scene for years and operates with partners nationally as well as internationally. The director, DDDr. Karl Isak, who already organized several educational projects in Thailand has now created a new educational platform – Sound of Knowledge – which focuses on the very importance of soft-skills. In both, Europe and the United States, researchers have found out for a long time already that expert or specialized knowledge is important and necessary but that the actual success of people and thus corporations rests in their soft-skills. Communication, sales approaches, motivation, negotiating skills, conflict management, teambuilding, cross-cultural management and self-marketing are just a few examples to understand the significance of soft-skills.

With Lampl-Consulting as our partner in Thailand, Isak Consulting is able to offer its services in Thailand with no shortcomings of resources.

Seminars for the tourism sector

February 16, 2013 in generally

Natürlich bieten wir auch Soft-Skills-Seminare im Tourismus an. Allerdings sind die Anforderungen in dieser Branche auch in anderen Bereichen gegeben. So erwarten sich Europäer in touristischen Betrieben oft anderes als ihnen geboten wird – auch, oder insbesondere in Thailand. Die kulturellen Unterschiede sind gravierend, sodass viele Touristen emotional überfordert werden. Es ist also wichtig zu wissen, wie Europäer denken und was sie erwarten. Dafür hat unsere Partnerfirma spot4you ein eigenes Programm entwickelt, das wir Tourismus- und auch Gesundheitsbetrieben empfehlen. Gerne koordinieren wir Termine bzw. helfen wir bei der Organisation.

Behaviour analysis as education tool

February 16, 2013 in generally

Mittels eines international bewährten Analysetools sind wir in der Lage festzustellen, ob Mitarbeiter an der richtigen Stelle eingesetzt sind, ob sie weitere Ausbildungsmaßnahmen brauchen, ob Sie motiviert sind und wie sie unter Druck arbeiten. Ferner finden wir dadurch ihre Stärken heraus, so dass der Bildungsbedarf darauf abgestimmt werden kann.